Nunc Dimittis

Nunc Dimittis
   One of the three Gospel canticles for the major divine offices of the Roman Catholic liturgy, known as the Canticle of Simeon (St. Luke 2: 29–32;), sung at compline in the Roman rite and at Evening prayer in the Anglican rite. In the Gregorian tradition, it is chanted as would be a psalm, with framing antiphons (the same weekly set is used throughout the year) and the corresponding tone. Polyphonic settings are rare in the Roman rite but not at all uncommon in the Anglican tradition.
Nunc Dimittis (St. Luke 2:29–32)
Nunc dimittis servum tuum   |   Lord, now lettest thou thy ser-
Domine, secundum verbum   |   vant depart in peace, according
tuum in pace. Quia viderunt   |   to they word. For mine eyes
oculi mei salutare tuum. Quod   |   have seen thy salvation, which
parasti ante faciem omnium po-   |   thou hast prepared before the
pulorum. Lumen ad revelatio-   |   face of all people; to be a light
nem gentium, et gloriam plebis   |   to lighten the Gentiles, and to
tuae Israel.   |   be the glory of they people Israel.
N.B. To each of the Gospel canticles is appended the lesser doxology:
Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui   |   Glory be to the Father, to the
Sancto, sicut erat in principio, et   |   Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as
nunc et semper, et in saecula   |   it was in the beginning, is now
saeculorum. Amen.   |   and always, forever. Amen.

Historical dictionary of sacred music. . 2006.